Options and Pricing

Base Bow     

$550.00 Longbow
$625.00 Merlin
$675.00 Whiskeyjack
$725.00 Raven T/D

Limb Cores,Veneers,Glass
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$ 0.00  Black Locust, Maple, Red Elm, Ash, White Ash, Honey Locust, or Hard Maple
$15.00  Action Boo
$50.00 Bamboo
$15.00 Laminated Edge grain
$30.00 Veneers
$45.00 Veneer with inlays
$50.00 Clear Glass

Riser Wood
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$ 0.00 Black Locust, Hard Maple, White Ash
$15.00 Osage
$25.00 Birdseye Maple or Curly Maple
$30.00 Shedua, Che Chen, Goncalo Alves, Katalox, Bubinga
$40.00 Figured Bubinga, Bacote, Zebra wood, Bolivian Rose wood
$70.00 Pomell Sapele
$70.00 Cocobolo
$100.00 King wood

Choice of Finish
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$0.00 Matte, Egg Shell, High gloss

Thumb rest and grip
$0.00 with or without thumb rest and $0.00 high, medium, low wrist